The future “Golden Voice of Ukraine,” Taisiya Povaliy, was born on December, 10th, in the village of Shamraevka, Skvirsky district, Kiev region, Ukraine.  Her family always loved to sing and knew how to do it. Since her childhood, Taya appeared on stage with a children's ensemble.   Her first real tour, took place when she was only six years old. For this performance she got a real, adult fee, which she promptly spent on gifts for her mom - Nina Danilovna. Taisiya still remembers that very first applause - generous, sincere, and long.
After graduating from high school, Taisiya entered the Reinhold Glière Kiev specialized School of Music, she began her formal music training in the conducting and choral department, where she also took optional academic singing classes. It was even predicted that she would become a great opera star. Taisiya still believes that she would not have become such a multifaceted singer without this wonderful school where she gained experience and mastered different styles of singing - from opera arias to soul.
In 1984, having graduated, Povaliy started working in Kiev State Music Hall, at first in the vocal group, then as a soloist.
Taisiya took part in many song contests. In 1990, she had her first big win, she took first place in the famous and well-respected contest in the USSR Novie Imena (New Names). In 1993, Taisiya confidently won the prestigious International Festival of Arts - Slavyanski Bazaar, got the Grand Prix of the Young Singers Contest, and immediately became well-known throughout former Soviet area.
In 1994, Povaliy was awarded Best Singer of Ukraine and Best Musician of the Year in the national music television festival Novue Zvedu Starogo Goda (New Stars of The Old Year). In 1996, her fame was confirmed with one more official recognition - Pop Star of the Year.
In 1995, her first solo album, Panno Kohannya, was released, and the first music video for one of the most popular songs of the time, Prosto Taya, was shot.
In 1996, she released a new video for the song Chortopoloh.
In March of 1996, Taisiya got the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. A year and a half later in 1997, on October 30, the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, signed a decree awarding her the title of People's Artist of Ukraine.
Taisya kept on working. In 1997, she released one more album Ya Vas Lyublyu (I Love You). In 1998 she gave her first recital, the program of which was composed not only of popular songs of the singer, but also of excerpts from opera arias. New music videos - Sladkiy Greh and Belaya Ptitsa went on the air on music channels.
In 1998, Taisiya again received the title Pop Star of the Year, after having won the national award Chelovek Goda (Person of the Year). That year, in October, Taisiya was awarded the Order of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker - For the Proliferation of Good in the World.

In 2000, on the Independence Day, she was awarded the Order of Glory to the Loyalty to the Fatherland of II Degree. In September she became a holder of the Order of St. Anna of IV Degree.
Taisiya continued working: the solo albums came out one by one - Bude Tak (2000), Charivna Skrupka (2001), Chortopoloh (2001). New music videos for the songs Ne Putay Mene, Chomu, Charivna Skrupka, Bude Tak, Pisnja Pro Matir, Lyubimui Moy, Gubu Tvoi Alie, Ptica Volnaya were shot.
In 2001, she gave five recitals in the National Palace Ukraine in Kiev, including a charity one for orphans. Inter TV channel invited Taisiya to perform in two new musicals. In Vechera Na Hutore Bliz Dikanki she was a Princess who sings a song Tri Zimu composed by Konstantin Meladze.  In Cinderella she acted as a matchmaker.

In 2002, Taisiya started to work with the People's Artist of the USSR, Joseph Kobzon. The two singers recorded 21 songs in Ukrainian and released an album Odna Yeduna. That year she also released two solo albums, Ptica Volnaya and Ukrainski Pisenni Perluni.
In March of 2003, Povaliy opened a new era of Ukrainian music DVD – she released first digital disc Zvezda, Rozhdennaya Ukrainoi (The Star Born by Ukraine), which included all the videos and solo songs of the recital Bude Tak. After that, Taisiya recorded an album and shot a video for the song Serdenko, in which she appeared as a brunette, which was very unusual for her famous image as a blonde; she also took part in the New Year musical Snow Queen a joint project of TV channels Inter and Russia.
The next step in her musical career was in 2004 when she met a wonderful artist - Nikolai Baskov. Their duets, Otpusti Menya, Tu Daleko, Snegom Belum, and Reka Sudbu, won them the love of people from all over the world. They had full houses in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and Belarus and toured dozens of cities - from Tallinn to Kaliningrad. Their concert in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, was watched by a record number of spectators. In 2007, they went on a global tour, singing in the USA, Canada, Israel, and Germany, gathering full houses in the most prestigious halls. Taisiya and Nikolai also shot two videos Otpusti Menya and Ti daleko and released the album, Otpusti Menya.

On December 2, 2005 at the Kremlin Palace they were awarded Golden Gramophone Award for the song Otpusti Menya, and, in a year later, for the song Tu Daleko. In 2006, they won one more prestigious title, Best Duet of the Year, on Muz-TV.
Despite the tremendous success of her collaboration with Nikolai Baskov, Taisiya didn’t stop her solo career. In 2006, she released the music video Perezhivu directed by S. Gorov, and in 2007, three more videos - Za Toboi, Buvshiy, Pust Vam Povezet v Lyubvi. Her solo album, Za Toboi, was distributed around many cities of Ukraine and Russia.
In March of 2008, she appeared on stage with two recitals Ukraina. Golos. Dusha. (Ukraine. Voice. Soul.) in the National Palace Ukraine. She presented a program directed by Roman Viktyuk, and later the concert was released on DVD.
In 2008, Povaliy won in Pesnya Goda (The Song of the Year), one of the oldest musical TV Festivals in the CIS, with the song Ptica-dusha, and in 2009 - with the song Pust Vam Povezet V Lyubvi composed by famous Russian composers Igor Krutoi and Igor Nikolaev. Every year since then Taisiya takes part in this festival.  
In 2009, the rapid development of her solo career leads again to a new duet - this time with Stas Mikhailov. Their hit Otpusti collected many prizes, including the Golden Gramophone Award and Pesnya Goda, was in the top ten of the most prestigious charts of Russia for a long time, and the video for the song is still actively rotated on music channels.

Due to this alliance with Stas Mikhailov, a new song, Uhodi, composed by him appeared in Taisiya’s repertoire.  A video later followed.
In 2010, Taya worked on a solo album Veru Tebe, shot a music video, and performed in many different programs and concerts. In July, Taisiya participated in the international festival, Slavyanski Bazaar, as the President of the jury for the musical competition.
In spring of 2011, she toured across the Far East of Russia and Siberia.
On May 28, 2011, the star of Taisiya Povaliy was placed on the Ukrainian Walk of Stars in downtown Kiev. Over the years, this prestigious award was given to such outstanding personalities as Sofia Rotaru, Joseph Kobzon, Igor Krutoy, Bogdan Stupka, Ada Rogovtseva, Yan Tabachnik.
2012 turned to be particularly successful for Taisiya. In spring she set off for a big tour, drew full houses in the cities of Russia and Ukraine, recorded new songs, and shot two videos - Ya Pomolyus za Tebya and Dolya.
On November 2, 2012, the President of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, solemnly awarded her the title People's Artist of Ingushetia.
On November 22nd, 2012, she gave a recital on the main stage of Russia - the State Kremlin Palace. A lot of Taisiya’s star friends - Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov, Lev Leshchenko, Verka Serduchka, Nadezhda Babkina, Yevgeniy Kemerovskiy, Lolita Milyavskaya, Zurab Sotkilava, Potap and Nastya – took part in the program called Pust Vam Povezet v Lyubvi.

And, on December, 1, Taisiya was awarded her first Golden Gramophone for a solo song Veru Tebe.
But Povaliy is not only successful in her musical career. According to the results of a nationwide poll Prominent Ukrainians, conducted by GfK-USM commissioned by the magazine Correspondent, she is one of 32 prominent Ukrainians. Among these 32 people there are only six women: Lesya Ukrainka, Sofia Rotaru, Yulia Tymoshenko, Taisiya Povaliy, Yana Klochkova and Grand Princess Olga. For Taisia Povaliy it was an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise.
Since 2011, Taisiya Povaliy has been the Advisor to the President on cultural issues, and in autumn of 2012, she was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Now she is the member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Culture and Spirituality.
And yet, her musical career has always been on her first priority.  Nowadays, she is one of the most popular singers in Ukraine. Her repertoire has absorbed almost the whole range of musical styles and genres - from folk songs to classics to soul songs. But she has always sung popular music, which is loved by millions of people.
Povaliy is exceptional due to her strong voice of rare timbre. She always experiments in search of something new, she improvises a lot. She has been on the professional scene for more than 20 years. She has released 14 albums, which included more than 150 songs of different styles and genres, shot 24 video clips, took part in hundreds of concerts and broadcasts. Of course, this success is not only the result of Taisiya’s efforts. She has had a team of professionals who have always been hand in hand with Taisiya on her way to success, including: unchallenged producer Igor Lihuta, instrumental band Fest, dance group Art Classic, press service, stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, drivers, security.
Taisiya is constantly perfecting herself. She has a lot of new songs, recordings, tours in her future. The People's Artist of Ukraine and Ingushetia, the Golden Voice of Ukraine, Taisiya Povaliy has everything to make and keep her fans happy.
To be continued…
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